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Medical Scribe 

Our curriculum is much more than your standard medical scribe training, we provide premed students advanced classes in:

  • Clinical case writing

  • Workflow efficiency

  • Diagnostic analysis

  • Service specific scribing

  • Emergency Medicine

  • Internal Medicine

  • Outpatient services

  • Telemedicine


Understanding those fundamentals will help you scribe like an expert, think like a doctor and become a real asset to your medical team.

What Do We Teach?

We offer advanced medical scribe education for Emergency medicine, Internal Medicine, Cardiology and other inpatient/outpatient services.

Emergency Medicine

Fundamentals of Emergency medicine scribing


Fundamentals of ENT clinic scribing

Outpatient clinics

Fundamentals of Outpatient scribing

Internal Medicine

Fundamentals of Internal medicine scribing


Fundamentals of Cardiology service  scribing


Fundamentals of Telemedicine scribing


We appreciate all reviews, please feel free to review about the effectiveness of our training during all parts of your scribe experience: interviews, training, employment and progress throughout the career.  

“I felt much more prepared after taking the advanced scribing courses. I plan to take more of the service specific courses in the future.”

Lisa, BS Biochemistry, Premed

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